KCT Presented to the Melbourne Cleantech Shenzhen China Delegation

On 24 March 2017 Paul Kouris together with Peter Zanon, the KCT Patent Director for China and India, attended the Melbourne CleanTech China Seminar at the Melbourne Town Hall.
Paul Kouris had been awarded Private Meetings prior to the commencement of the Seminar with selected members of the Shenzhen China Venture Capital Delegation. Essentially their
purpose was to fund projects in China, particularly in the Shenzhen Zone. Also in attendance to assist in the promotion of the KCT at the Seminar were the following Patent Directors: Chris Thomson for Austria and Angola, Dr. Garry Moore for Vietnam and Peru, and George Mihos for Mexico.

The private meetings with the Chinese Delegation members were an overwhelming success, and will undoubtedly result in serious follow-ups. The first meeting and presentation attracted
such attention, that other meetings were rescheduled to enable Delegates to meet Paul Kouris and Peter Zanon sequentially; two had been scheduled, three were conducted.

The Delegates spoken to were genuinely interested in the KCT being brought to China, the need for a Global KCT Champion and for Patent Country Licensees.
Furthermore, the networking by the KCT Patent Directors with Seminar attendees also got  results. All those referred to Paul Kouris by them were likewise genuinely interested and useful, with follow-ups expected.

All KCT attendees were unanimous. The China Seminar had been a great success for the KCT.