Mark2 Launch: Thessalonika International Trade Fair a Success

On 6 September 2014 the Thessalonika International Trade Fair 2014 commenced, and on 7 September the KCT Mark2 was launched into Greece and Europe from the Fair by Kapa Lamda, the KCT Exclusive Licensee in Europe. The guest of honour was His Excellency the Australian Ambassador for Greece, Mr. John Griffin. The Launch was an outstanding and resounding success, attracting continuous and growing commercial interest until the conclusion of the Fair on 14 September.

There was ongoing interest from businessmen, investors and engineers wanting to utilise the KCT, and to invest in the production of hydro electricity using the KCT! There were well over 100 requests to measure and quote made by prospective buyers with existing sites suitable for the KCT. It was particularly important that so many engineers had specifically come to see the new KCT hydro turbine, and that all of them were so congratulatory. As were 2 professors from Aristotle University.

The Kapa Lamda team did not receive one bad comment! Everybody praised the simplicity of the idea, its uncomplicated operation, and its extremely low maintenance cost. Hundreds of genuine commercial enquiries had been made. Essentially all the 1,000 brochures printed for the Trade Fair had been distributed on request. Not only had The KCT been successfully launched into Greece and into Europe, but as it happened, inroads were also unexpectedly made into Central Africa. The Fair demonstrated that the KCT undoubtedly had a very bright future everywhere