Harnessing the rotational kinetic energy created by the earth to generate abundant renewable hydroelectric energy.

The world's first patented hydroelectric vortex turbine

The KCT is a non polluting, revolutionary micro hydro vortex turbine which harnesses the rotational kinetic gravitational energy created by the earth to generate free, abundant hydroelectric energy, other than by currents or tides.
There were initially Patents granted in 18 countries, with additional patents now also being sought in over 60 countries.

Our vortex turbine uses the flow not the fall of water, and can operate with a very low head, well under the 3 metre minimum required by conventional turbines to operate efficiently. Furthermore it is a hydro turbine which does not interfere with the flow rate, enabling the system to be used sequentially in a waterway.

Low cost

The KCT is designed to be transportable, meaning it can be installed with minimal civil works.


The KCT can operate with a fall of 0.6m, well under the minimum 3m fall required by conventional turbines to work efficiently.


Due to the volume of the chamber, the turbine's energy increases exponentially with increased diameter.


Our turbine has no impact on the flow rate, and operates in an aerated chamber making it fish friendly.

See the process from production to installation

What makes The KCT unique?

For a prepared site it takes 12 hours to assemble one of our transportable hydro vortex turbines, not including optional concrete work. Due to the transportable design of the hydro turbine, it can be transported on the back of a truck and lifted into place easily; enabling access to hard-to-reach sites.

With no greenhouse gas emissions, no environmental damage & no impact on water flow rate the KCT is the most versatile and affordable micro hydro vortex turbine available.